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 "D.L., Maya Angelou said: "The idea is to write it so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart." As we near the end of this interview, I reiterate that you are that rare book writer who has the chops, the purpose, and the beauty that does all this. Our hearts are better." - S.E. Stanley  


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Trip Spencer is spiraling. With his name showing up on a hit list and being accused of murder, the walls are closing in on him. Unsure of who he can trusts, he sets out to clear his name, but even that comes with a cost not even he's ready to pay.

Books by The Author


The Lies That Bind

While trying to deal with her husband's betrayal, Dr. Teresa McCall falls for fellow doctor Sean Morris, a cardiologist with one of Atlanta's top hospitals who understands the pain of infidelity, but their explosive affair sets in motion a deadly chain of events that changes all of their lives forever. 


Between Friends

 Following one of the biggest busts in Atlanta’s history, DEA Agent Orlando “Trip” Spencer is called back to his hometown to help manage the fallout. The investigation becomes complicated when drug kingpins start turning up dead and weapons are being funneled into the county jail. It’s up to Trip to figure out the “who, what, and why” and put a stop to the slaughters taking place on the streets of the Dirty South. Unfortunately, what he uncovers hits a little too close to home 


All That Glitters


All her life, Santee Mitchell seemed to come up short, at least in her mind. Growing up, she constantly played second best to her older sister and in adulthood the pattern continued. From her two-timing boyfriend, to her dead-end job she just can’t catch a break. The last straw for Santee comes in the form of an eviction notice and an ill-timed pregnancy.  

Determined to turn her luck around, and put some money in the bank, Santee turns to an old friend and is immediately hypnotized by the sparkle of her diamond encrusted world. What she doesn’t realize is that help comes with a price tag higher than she could ever imagine.   

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